About the Opportunity Fund

The World Justice Challenge is designed to help incubate and support practical solutions that advance the rule of law by providing seed-grants to test programs on the ground, acting as a justice laboratory. The WJC began at the World Justice Forum in 2008 as a way to catalyze the commitment to advance the rule of law in communities around the world. In 2012, the World Justice Challenge was expanded into an online, global competition to broaden its reach. By encouraging action from citizens in every sector, the World Justice Challenge reaffirms the WJP’s philosophy that everyone is a changemaker in the rule of law.

Individuals, organizations, and entities from more than 65 countries applied, and winners were selected by a panel of judges according to established criteria. In addition to funding, WJC winners receive publicity, research, and networking support from the WJP. Winners also have the opportunity to present progress on their projects at the World Justice Forum, a global gathering to examine the foundational importance of the rule of law and to promote collaborative actions to strengthen the rule of law.

In Memoriam: Roderick B. Mathews

The World Justice Project’s World Justice Challenge was founded in honor of Roderick B. Mathews, one of the founding board members of the World Justice Project as well as its treasurer. WJP Founder and CEO, William H. Neukom, described Mr. Mathews as, "a man for all seasons. He had intellect, empathy and charm. He made fast friends of colleagues and strangers, finding common interests and giving them the benefit of the doubt. His was an irresistible personality.”